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Getting in shape at 40: The ultimate guide

July 21, 2023

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It’s the age old question – how can I get back in shape fast, and turn back the clock? While there is no quick fix, there are some key things you can focus on, and with over 20 years of experience in this industry, I’ve compiled my ultimate guide to getting in shape at 40, but fear not, you can also follow these tips if you are a tad older or younger than that. For some reason, 40 seems to trigger a life transformation phase – what is it about that number?

Step 1 – Stock take your lifestyle

The first question to ask yourself, is what lifestyle habits have started to become problematic for you?

Identifying these is a key first step to help you get back in shape fast. Here are some common things I have come across when it comes to this:

  • Drinking alcohol most days
  • Not including movement to your routine
  • Snacking on sugary or salty foods that are not nourishing
  • Snacking at night time after dinner while watching TV
  • Not eating regular meals 
  • Eating takeaway more than 3 times a week (and yes, that includes lunch, and any meal you do not prepare at home)
  • Not getting enough sleep (going to bed too late, not having a sleep routine) 

Write down the ones that come to mind for you and make some notes about how you can make simple changes from today, to improve your health. Try to choose 1-2 small changes a week, so it is not too overwhelming. Read on for some tactics you can use and some top tips. 

Step 2 – Become clear on your goals

Whatever your health and wellness goals, be clear on what you want to achieve, and align all your actions and behaviours to achieving that goal. Some common goals I hear are:

  • I want to reset my body for weight loss
  • I want to sleep better and have more energy
  • I want to be able to run 5 km again
  • I want to lose belly fat

Take a moment to jot down your goal – or goals – but try to have no more than 2 -3 as a start. You don’t want to have too many that you lose focus. Believe me, as soon as you over-complicate this, your chances of falling off the bandwagon grow exponentially!

Step 3 – Build healthy habits and consistency

Ok, so now you have your goals. Time to put words into action. Below are some common goals and a few healthy habits you may like to try to get started.

But before I go on. Remember this word, and repeat it to yourself whenever you feel like you are not getting anywhere, or seeing the results you want. CONSISTENCY. 

Like all things in life, if you make a change to your routine or habits, you will see change. For example, if I want to run 5 km, the best way to start is to run small efforts 3 times a week, and start to increase the length slowly over time. If I don’t – it is very unlikely one day I can just go from zero to 5K as my body will not have the physical fitness or conditioning to do so, and I am likely to injure myself. It isn’t rocket science, and I think deep down we all know this hard truth. Look, this is not to say that you are a failure if you never run the 5K. But if you consistently show up and move your body in other ways, like walking, gardening or even a dance each day, you will help improve your health – so it is all about setting realistic goals, and striving to consistently get yourself there. 

Back to common goals people ask me for help with. Here are 2-3 things you could do to try and kick start your progress and see you on the way to getting in shape at 40. 

  • I want to reset my body for weight loss
    • Can you meal prep your lunches for the week?
    • Can you change up your snacks and snack routine – snack on veggies sticks and hummus, apples, boiled eggs, 2 small squares of dark chocolate?
    • Can you eat more mindfully – chew and savour each mouthful vs eating a pack of chips while watching TV and not even noticing you’ve hit the bottom?
  • I want to sleep better and have more energy
    • Can you start to meditate for 5 minutes each day before bed?
    • Can you increase the amount of water you are drinking each day?
    • Can you eat more veggies, fruits and wholegrains to fuel your body for energy?
  • I want to be able to run 5 km again
    • Can you start by going for a short walk each day this week
    • Can you download a training app or guide that helps you set some structure around your running?
  • I want to lose belly fat

Step 4 – Lose weight naturally (if that is your goal)

I am not a fan of focusing on weight loss in isolation.

Now, I have included this here as it is by far the number one question I am asked in clinic. Nothing makes me angrier than an add to show how you can shred kilos, lose weight fast or unrealistic before and after photos. But since it is a common request, I want to add some expert advice here. Ask yourself the below question.

  • Why do you want to lose weight? Is it for health benefits, disease risk, or because you think you should? If you are trying to lose weight to fit a certain image or because you feel you should, have a think about what is the best thing for your health and wellness. I find that focusing on health overall is more helpful, and it means weight loss is not the single thing you think about. After all, we know that research shows, focusing on dieting and weight loss often leads to regaining the weight, and continual yo-yo dieting is not fun or effective in the long term. 

OK, so if you’re still with me and think weight loss is a true goal for you – review step 3! Weight loss is best viewed as part of a health goal overall – and having mini goals like eating more healthy foods, moving more, sleeping more and enjoying life, can actually help you get there in the most natural way.

Step 5 – Don’t overcomplicate it – follow the plan and stay on course

I’m not sure what happened in the last decade, but health seems so complicated nowadays. If you follow all the fads, and listen to all the influencer health hacks, it would be a full time job. Not to mention it will also leave your pocket a lot lighter.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – health does not need to be complicated.

Small, simple, consistent changes over time lead to better health and you will reach your goals. And doing it this way means you will sustain those healthy habits and reap the benefits long term, not just to fit into that dress you bought last summer.  Be gentle on yourself, but be consistent. 

Book a 1:1 consult with me to get some balanced guidance on getting in shape at 40.

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